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In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

All praise be to God, and all blessing and peace be upon our master Muhammad and on all his family and Companions.

  • The prescription for a diseased age, for crippled limbs, for disabled organs, is: follow the Qur’an.

  • For a great, greatly afflicted continent, for a once glorious, now humbled and wretched state, for an invaluable, now undefended people, the prescription is: unity under the guidance of Islam.

  • If you cannot turn between your fingers the earth and the other planets and all the stars as easily as you turn the beads in your rosary, you have no right to claim any part in creation: for all things are intertwined with all things.

  • It is as easy for the Power of God to raise all the dead on Judgment Day as to rouse, from its winter sleep, a single fly in springtime. Such Power is of the Essence of the Divine – it does not change, neither decaying nor diminishing, nor can it be impeded in any way. Being absolute, the Power of God admits no degrees – everything, vast or slight, is equal before it. 

  • He who created the gnat’s eye also created the sun.

  • He who arranged the flea’s stomach also arranged the solar system.

  • Seeing the miraculous harmony in the universe, all material causes (supposing that they have any sort of independent agency) bow down, nor can they help but say: Glory be to You! We have no power. Surely, You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise!

  • As befits the Oneness and Majesty of God, causes have no reality or effect in the inner dimensions of the creation and functioning of the universe; as for its manifest, outward forms, they serve as a veil before the operation of Divine Power so that certain entities and events, seemingly disagreeable or banal, might not be attributed directly to It.

  • Where the Divine Power operates directly, in the inner dimension of everything, is pure transparency.

  • The visible, corporeal world is a lace curtain before the worlds of the Unseen.

  • The creation of even a dot in just the right place requires infinite power, the same that created the universe in its entirety. For every letter of this great book of the universe, especially every ‘living’ letter, has a face turned toward, and an eye staring at, one of its sentences.

  • As commonly happens at the end of Ramadan, people were scanning the horizon to catch sight of the new crescent indicating ‘Id (the religious festival). No one saw anything. However, one old man claimed to have seen the new crescent. What he had seen was in reality the curve of a white one of his own eyelashes. Now, how could an eye-lash have any equivalence with the crescent? Then again, how could the motion of minute particles be taken in the place of the One Who manages the formation of whole species?

  • Nature may be likened to something printed, but not to the printer. It is a design, not the designer; a recipient, not the agent; a composition, not the composer; an order, not the orderer; and it is a collection of laws established by the Divine Will, laws [which our minds can grasp but] which in themselves have no power or material reality.

  • Attraction and being attracted are felt in human conscience (which is innate in man) because of the attractive power of truth.

  • The innate drive in things is not contradictory to their nature. For example, the urge of a seed to grow says: ‘I will grow into such and such plant and produce fruit!’ Then, it does what it says. An egg has an urge to life which says: ‘I will be a chick.’ Then, by God’s leave, it becomes a chick. A quantity of water says, from an urge to freeze, ‘I will spread myself more thinly on the ground.’ Then, so as to avoid contradicting the water, hard, solid iron (pipes) make a way for it. Such drives and urges are manifestations of the Divine commands of creation, issuing from the Divine Will.

  • The Eternal Power provides ants with a leader and bees with a queen; the same Power would not deprive human beings of the leadership of a Prophet. The splitting of the moon is a miracle of the Prophet Muhammad demonstrated in the visible, corporeal world. His Ascension (to the Presence of God through the heavens) is a miracle demonstrated to the angels and other spirit beings in the world of inner dimensions: it proves and makes manifest the sainthood contained within his Prophethood. Also through that miracle, that most illustrious of beings extended and diffused his radiance, like a flash of lightning or a bright moon, into the world of inner dimensions. 

  • The two halves of the proclamation of belief – I testify that there is no deity except God, and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger – mutually attest each other’s truth. The first is the argument a priori for the second, and the second is the argument a posteriori for the first.

  • Life is a manifestation of individuality in the sphere of multiplicity; therefore, it leads to unity which can enable a single thing to come into the ownership of everything.

  • The spirit is a law with consciousness and a real, sensible existence: Divine Power has clothed it in an energetic envelope within a body of sensory organs. This spirit which exists in man is a counterpart to the laws of nature, which have merely theoretical existence. Both are unchanging and permanent, and both have issued from the world of the Divine Commands. If the Eternal Power had clothed the laws with material existence, each would have been a spirit; and if the human spirit were stripped of consciousness, it would become an immaterial law.

  • Existents are seen by the agency of light, and their existence is known through life. Light and life are each discoverers.

  • Christianity will either become extinct or be purified [of its pagan elements] and abandon its struggle against Islam. It split several times and produced Protestantism which, in turn, split [into diverse sects and groupings] and [some of these] drew near to monotheism. Christianity will split further. Then, it will either die out or, finding before it the truths of Islam which include the essentials of the original religion of Jesus, will submit itself to Islam.
    This very important truth is indicated in this saying of the noble Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings: The Prophet Jesus will come back to the world and, joining my community, practice according to my Shari‘a.

  • The majority of ordinary people are not drawn so much by [the strength of] proofs as by the sacredness of the origin or source of authority.

  • Ninety out of a hundred parts of the Shari‘a – the indispensable, indisputable points or principles of Islam – may each be likened to a diamond pillar. What remains to be determined by the judgments of the authorities on Islamic law – the remaining ten percent of the Shari‘a – may be likened to pieces of gold. Ninety diamond pillars are not to be left under the protection of ten gold pieces. Rather, the books, and arguments and judgments, of jurisprudents should serve as binoculars to see the Qur’an better, or as mirrors to reflect its meanings; they should not serve to veil or replace it.

  • Every individual qualified to practice ijtihad – the derivation, from established principles of the Qur’an and Sunna, of legal judgments for new circumstances – can proclaim a new law for himself, but he cannot generalize for others, nor for the whole Muslim community.

  • Extending an idea to others must await its acceptance, first, by the majority of scholars; otherwise, it will be regarded as an ‘innovation’ contrary to the principles of Islamic jurisprudence, and therefore rejected.

  • Since man is created of a noble disposition, he pursues truth. Sometimes falsehood finds him and he embraces it warmly. While searching for the truth, he is, in spite of his intentions, captivated by misguidance and, thinking it to be the truth [he was seeking], mistakes it for the truth.

  • There are numerous mirrors to reflect Divine Power, each more subtle than the other. They range from water to air, from air to the ether, and thence to the world of ideal forms, and higher still to the world of spirits and even to time and ideas. A word multiplies a million times in the mirror of air. The Pen of the Divine Power does this multiplying in a quite amazing way. Things are reflected in those mirrors with their apparent identities or both identities and characters (nature). The reflections of solid entities are each a moving lifeless form, but the reflections of luminous, spiritual entities are each a living form connected to the original. Even if the reflection (of a luminous entity) is not exactly identical to the original, it is not something other than the original.

  • Since the sun turns in convulsive movements around its own axis, its fruits – the planets – do not fall. If it stopped moving, its fruits would scatter.

  • An idea is dark and spreads darkness unless it is illumined with light of the heart. As the cornea or white portion of the eye, which can be likened to day, is not sufficient to enable vision until it is combined with the iris and pupil [the dark portion of the eye], which can be likened to night, so the ‘cornea’ of an idea does not suffice for one to see the truth of it unless it is combined with the ‘iris and pupil’ of the heart.

  • Knowledge of something without conviction is little better than ignorance. Taking sides with or ‘adopting’ something is quite different from conviction in regard to it and attachment.

  • A fanciful, elaborate account of something bad can cause immature minds to stray.

  • A scholar should give guidance in the way a sheep feeds its young, not in the way a bird does. A sheep feeds its lambs on its milk, a fully-digested and processed substance, whereas a bird feeds its chicks on what it has half-chewed and then regurgitated.

  • The existence of a thing is dependent upon the existence of all its parts. Since the non-existence of a thing is, by contrast, possible through the non-existence of only some of its parts, a man of weak character tends to be destructive and act negatively as a way of proving his power.

  • Principles of wisdom and laws of truth cannot have the desired effect on the ordinary people unless the former are combined with the laws of the state and the latter with the bonds of power.

  • Injustice has placed on its head the conical fez of justice; treason has put on the cloak of patriotic zeal; Jihad, that is, Islamic struggle in the way of God and for the good of humanity is called aggression and violation of human rights, and enslavement is presented as emancipation. In short: opposites have exchanged forms. 

  • Politics engaged in for personal interests is bestial.

  • A show of mildness to a hungry wild animal excites not its pity but its appetite. Moreover, it then demands a further payment, after it has fed upon you, for feeding upon you.

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Last Updated on February 07, 2002

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