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In religion the world is condemned and described as flesh. Also, all the people of truth and sainthood deplore the world and regard it as evil and foul. Whereas you show it to be the means for the manifestations of all Divine perfections and speak of it like a lover.

The world has three facets:

The first facet is concerned with the Names of Almighty God. It shows their inscriptions and functions as mirrors to them. This facet is the collection of the innumerable ‘letters’ of the Eternally Besought-of-All. Therefore it is extremely beautiful and worthy of love, not of dislike.

The second facet of the world is related to the Hereafter. It is the field to sow for the Hereafter, the tillage of Paradise. It is the flower-bed of Divine Mercy. Like the first one, this facet too, is beautiful, and worthy of love, not condemnation.

The third facet is a veil of heedlessness and a plaything which concerns the fancies and desires of man. This facet is ugly because it is mortal, painful and deceptive. It is this facet of the world which the Traditions condemn and the people of truth dislike.

The Wise Quran praises the creation and attaches importance to it on account of its first two facets. The Companions sought after these two facets, as have the other saints.

Four groups of people condemn the world and deplore it

The first group are those having knowledge of God. Since the world builds a barrier before the knowledge, love and worship of Almighty God, they condemn the world.

The second group are those who aim solely at the life of the Hereafter. Either because worldly affairs and occupations prevent them from striving for the Hereafter seriously or because their firm belief and conviction show them the world to be very ugly in comparison with the beauties and perfections of Paradise, they abhor the world. Just as a man, however handsome, is ugly when compared with the Prophet Joseph, upon him be peace, so too, all the beauties and charms of the world mean nothing in comparison with the beauties of Paradise.

The third group condemn the world because they are unable to ‘conquer’ it. This condemnations arises from the love of the world, not from dislike of it.

The fourth group condemn the world because when they seize something of the world, it slips out of their grasp. They become angry and in order to console themselves, say: the world is ugly. This kind of condemnation, too, arises from love of the world. Whereas the agreeable condemnation is that which comes from the love of the Hereafter and knowledge of God.

For the sake of the Master of the Messengers, may Almighty God include us among the first two groups. Amen.

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Last Updated on August 01, 2000

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