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Benefits of belief in the resurrection and the afterlife

A warning and lesson given to a group of unhappy young people

A consolation to a father on the death of his child
A parable to discuss the resurrection and hereafter
The Quran's arguments for the resurrection
Arguments for the resurrection
Many other phenomena in the universe point to the resurrection
The Final Destruction of the World and the Afterlife
Belief in the Resurrection and the Afterlife is Universal
Declaration of Belief in the Resurrection in the form of a supplication
The pillars of belief corroborate one another; the other five pillars require the resurrection and afterlife
Life as a decisive argument for the afterlife and other pillars of belief
Verses of the Quran such as It is but a single cry, (36:29,49,53) which is often repeated, and The command of the Hour is but a twinkling of the eye, or nearer, (16:77) show that the Supreme Resurrection will happen in a single instant, without the passage of any extent of time. Our constrained understanding needs some tangible analogy to enable us to concur with and accept that unique, miraculous event.
Revival of rotted bones during the resurrection
Questions Concerning Paradise
A little before the end of time the majority of the world’s people will enter the true religion, that is, Islam. There has, however, been reported a tradition that the Day of Resurrection will not come as long as there exist some on the earth who recite the Name of God. How will then people apostatize after an almost universal conversion?
It has been reported in the traditions that Dajjal will have a false paradise, where he will admit his friends, and a false hell, where he will throw his opponents. He will also have a saddle beast (donkey), one of whose ears is like Paradise, the other like Hell. Some other traditions say that he will have a huge physical stature. What is meant by all the traditions of this import?
Will the souls that have gained permanence through death be influenced by the events of the doomsday
Is the verse, All things perish, except His ‘Face’ (28:88), also related to Paradise, Hell, and those within them? 
Where is the supreme place of mustering ? Where is Hell? 
How will the Place of Mustering be built, and how will people be gathered together there? Will they be naked? How will we be able to meet friends there and find God’s noble Messenger to request his intercession? How will God’s Messenger meet countless people personally? How will the people of Paradise and Hell be clothed? Who will show us the way?
What is Tenasukh (Reincarnation)? Does it conform to the teachings of Islam ?

Last Updated on November 13, 2000

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