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What is the Quran and How can it be defined?

The Quran is the word of God and an undeniable proof for Muhammad's Prophethood

The Quran's argument against satan and his party about Its divine authorship
Does the Quran Contain everything?
The divine wisdom in the Quran's being revealed in stages over a period of 23 years
The Quran's approach to "natural" phenomena
The Quran's reference to scientific and technological developments by means of miracles of the prophets 
All human attainments of learning and scientific progress have a reality which is based on one of the divine names
The Quran is the greatest of all the prophetic miracles
Why does the Quran not mention explicitly the wonders of civilization, which are so important in man's eyes? Why does it, instead, content itself with allusions or indications or references
Why does the Quran not mention scientific and technological developments explicitly, so that even the most recalcitrant unbelievers would feel compelled to affirm it, and our minds be eased?
Why we refer to science and scientific facts when explaining Islam
The miraculousness of the Quran
Aspects of the miraculousness of the Quran's eloquence
The extraordinary comprehensiveness of the Quran's wording and meaning
The extraordinary comprehensiveness of the knowledge of the Quran
The extraordinary comprehensiveness of the subjects with which the Quran deals
The extraordinary comprehensiveness in the style and conciseness of the Quran
The extraordinary comprehensiveness of the Quran in aims, subject matter, meaning, styles, 
beauties, and subtleties
The miraculousness of the Quran arising from its predictions
Important explanations to understand certain important truths of the Quran
The Quran never grows older
Comparisons between the Quran and modern civilization
The Quran and modern science and philosophy in viewing the universe
The Quran's wisdom and human philosophies
The fruits of the Quran's wisdom and modern scientific thought and philosophy
The Quran addresses each level of mankind in every age
In the whole of the Quran there is a perfect fluency, a superb clarity and soundness, a firm coherence, and a well-established harmony and proportion, and a strong mutual support and interrelation amongst its sentences and their parts, and an elevated correspondence amongst its verses and their purposes 
The Quran is superior to all other speeches whether divine or undivine
The Quran has originated in the greatest name of God and the greatest level of every name 
A persuasive response to the objections about the reiterations in the Quran
Whether explicitly or allusively, the Quran dwells too much on divine unity, the hereafter, and God's judgment of men and draws attention to them in innumerable places, in every sura, on every page and on every occasion, what is the divine reason for this ?

Last Updated on November 13, 2000

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