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Islam: The Perfect of Way of Life




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_ Verse from Holy Qur'an

God's Existence and Unity

Either each particle or molecule of air necessarily has infinite wisdom, knowledge, will, and power, and other qualities through which to be absolutely dominant over all the other particles so that it can perform all those functions or... Read More

Divine Destiny and Human Free Will

God takes our free will into account when dealing with us and our acts, for He uses it to create our deeds. Thus we are never victims of Destiny or wronged by Fate. Read More

The Resurrection

There is nothing purposeless in the �palace� of the universe. Its ecological system is so complex and the parts comprising it are so interrelated to one another that the lack or removal of one of them can result in the destruction of the universe. Read More

Belief and Trust in God

To give up one�s will-power, and never relying on one�s own power, to submit oneself to the Divine Will and seek refuge in His Power in adherence to the reality of trusting in Him.Read More

Causality and the Quranic World View

The universe is an inseparable whole is not in dispute. Indeed, the unity observed in the totality of the universe including man is so manifest that no one can deny it..Read More

Does the Quran Contain Everything?

God Almighty has endowed man with intellectual faculties, so in many of its verses the Qur�an urges man to use those faculties of him and study nature and events.Read More

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